My Coding Journey
Drawing weird geometries with Logo's turtle was my first coding experience but it would be a couple years before I learned about the more general purposes of programming. I started writing scripts when my godfather gifted me a copy of Micheal Dawson's Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner. It taught me the coding basics and before I was even halfway done reading the book, I tried to make a game with just conditionals and loops. I succeeded, but barely. I soon gave up after my second draft, when I got tired of building ASCII graphics and copy-pasting my changes into each game mode(I hadn't learned about functions yet). I have since built many projects in languages like Go, JavaScript and C each for different goals and purposes. I have written web apps, CLI tools, robotics software and everyday my goal is to learn more. I am currently learning Rust, my goals now are to learn more about the theory of computation and lower level programming.
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